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Destination Packages

Included in my Destination Package - $150:

* Delivery and pick-up of your rental equipment to one of the destination locations listed below

* 2 Kayaks, 2 paddles, and 2 life jackets for up to 4 hours - $40 for each additional person added to your adventure

* Use of a dry bag

* A bottle of water for each of you, hydration is important

* A snack bag with trail mix, beef sticks, and freeze-dried candy, from Pure Joy Today, to enjoy as you paddle

Mississippi Excursion

Explore the Mississippi and discover the beauty of God's creation. This trip is great for both experienced and novice paddlers. Be on the lookout for all types of birds, land and water animals, and if licensed you can drop a line to fish the mighty river. As you travel along the scenic waters from Greens Point to Lum Park, soak in the peace of creation surrounding you.

Gull River Exploration

Enjoy the twists and turns of the Gull Lake Recreation Area River. Paddle through the shallow and deep waters to discover the beauty of this waterway. This is one for the whole family. You may encounter land and water animals, eagles, and other birds. Explore nature all around you with a new adventure around the next bend. 


Gilbert Lake Gathering


This beautiful lake offers many nooks and crannies for you to explore. Whether you paddle, fish, or swim in these sparkling waters, you are sure to create lifelong memories. Spend up to 4 hours exploring at your own pace. Great for all skill levels of kayaking.

North Long Lake Expedition

North Long is one of the larger lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. When you set out on the water it is like having 3 lakes in one. Click the map below to see for yourself. You will be set to paddling for hours. Enjoy all the season on North Long, an expedition you won't soon forget.


Pelican Lake Beauty


Pelican Lake is one of our premier lakes in this area. The fun starts as soon as you set out on the water. You can paddle out of the large bay and then to Gooseberry Island. You will find sandy beaches and trails to explore there. The island excursion is for our more advanced kayakers as there are many boats, waves, and a large body of open water to cross.

You could choose to head out of the bay, hang to the right, paddle around the point, and continue past Breezy Point Resorts' sandy beaches. 

Another option is to paddle the shoreline to the left. Exploring and even fishing are yours to enjoy on these pristine waters.

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